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Wrapping Machine

With the esteem support of our experts we offer a wide range of Industrial Wrapping Machine such as reel wrapping machine, luggage wrapping machine, horizontal stretch wrapping and many more. Our ranges of products are available in various capacities and shapes to suit the specific requirements of the customers. These machines are widely used at different types of industries like Food, Pharmaceuticals, Garments, Chemicals and many more. These are special type of packaging machines used to seal and pack the household and factory materials.

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Range of Wrapping Machine

Fabric Roll Wrapping Machine
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   Highly economical and huge savings over shrink packing/gunny bundles
   Suitable for packing any rolls of denim cloth, Curtain cloth, Carpets, Foam sheets, Upholsteries, Fabrics, Film, Paper etc.
   Tremendous savings in labour time and money Highly durable dust and moisture proof packing
   Variable overlap, Variable end reinforcements, Variable stretch percentage Variable roller speed
   High energy saving more than 90% saving over shrink wrapping.
Technical Specification:
   Capacity                             :      30 - 40 Rolls/Hour
   Roll Weight                      :      400 kgs
   Roll Dia/Roll Width     :      600mm 1800 to 400
   Turn Table Height        :      350mm (above GL)
   Turn Table Speed         :      50 mtrs/ min
   Installed Power             :      1.1kW
   Power Supply                 :      220 V Single Phase / 50Hz

Rotating Platform for Stretch Wrapping Machine    (Pelletized Load)
   Variable-functions for wrapping, stretching end overlapping
   Acoustic wrapping cycle
   Environment friendly for recyclable film
   Built for long life
   Ramp position flexibility
   Hand pallet truck for smoother operation
Technical Specification:
   Turn Table Dia                                            :      1500mm
   Max. Dia. of The Inspection Roll      :      400mm
   Production Speed                                     :      15-25 Pallets/Hour
   Electric Power                                            :      2HP (Two Motor)
   Pallet Size                                                      :      1120 *1120mm
   Max. Weight/ Pallet                                :      1500 kg

Stretch Wrapping Machine
Technical Specification:
   Carton Size         :      20 20" (max)
   Carton Weight  :      50 kg(max)
   Wrapping Rate  :       30 to 80 Cartons/Hour
   Power Reg            :      220v Single Phase 1 HP

Shrink Film Tunnel Machine
   Efficient heating chamber with full insulation
   Digital temperature controller
   Low power consumption
   System runs on one circuit
   Suitable for LDPE & polyolefin shrink film
   Magnetic hold-down
   Ouik change of seal wire
   Variable speed of tunnel (Optional)