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Knitted Fabric Inspection System

Offered to the esteemed customers is high quality Knitted Fabric Inspection System as per their specific requirements. These systems are made as peer the industrial requirements by a team of highly skilled & experienced professionals. Moreover, customised machines can be availed from us exactly as per the details provided by the clients.

Range of Knitted Fabric Inspection System

Knitted Fabric Inspection Cum Rolling Machine      NB - 104
   Simple fabric input control end roll
   Automatic stop sensor for nest roll joining full on fabric
   Inspection with variable angle
   Inspection screen consistent roll output with moving re-wind rubberized rolls
   Automatic tension control versatile fabric input and output
   Synchronized with other production operations, data collection and analysis system

Tensionless Knitted Fabric Inspection Cum Rolling Machine(Shelton type UK)NB-108
   Full width fabric inspection
   Low power consumption
   Forward and reverse run
   Speed control operator
   Hand precision edge guidance
   Comfortable working height of unrolling and rolling up devices
   Custom built versions for larger working width 1150 to 4000mm
   Digital measuring rig device
   Fabrication & guiding mechanism

Tabular Fabric Reversing Machine      NB - 401
   Loads & reverses the fabric at the sometime
   Reversing & plaiting done in single machine
   Innovative air stream system controlled by pneumatic cylinders and valves
   Reversing tubular fabric virilhool mechanical traction
   Inverter controlled plaiting for slop ass speed variation
   Reversing machine Can be supplied with and without plating section. Stainless steel tubes can be supplied in venous lengths
Technical Specification:
   Working Speed         :      During Loading 500mtrs/min
   Connecting Load      :      11kW
   Compressed Air        :      4/5 bar-300nl/h
   Weight (Approx)       :      600 kgs
   Dimension                    :       810 x 292 x 122 cm (LxHxW)