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Fabric Monitoring System

Every business relies on uninterrupted electrical power. Banks, schools, restaurants and hospitals are just a few that manage it by using stand-by generators. Knowing their health and status is the key to ensuring power is ready when needed.Let us help you realize the value of a cost-effective generator monitoring solution.
Fabric Monitoring System      NB - 110
   Low power consumption
   Law noise level of drives forward and reverse run speed control at operator hand
   Prove on edge guidance comfortable working height of unrolling and rolling up devices
   Automatic end of piece stop sensor synchronize for fabric even tension rolling PLC control with touch screen data monitoring systems         with printer facility
   Custom built versions for larger working width 1150 to 4000mm digital measuring device fabric tension & guiding mechanism
Touch Screen:
   Touch Screen (Optional) Display with services functions and intuitive supervision
   Operating by finger touch on the side of central panel easy to learn by operators & avoiding wrong operations
Control Panel:
   Easy user friendly control panel suitable for every pre selection and all automatic working sequences.
   Speed Controller
   Speed Controller functions of forward, reverse and Stop, by rolling the handle up and down with variable speed at the operators hand
   High generation PLC suitable for all automation double serial with possibility of interface with all other electronic devices
Technical Specification:
   Working Width                                          :      1150 to 4000mm
   Max. Dia. of The Inspected Roll        :      400mm
   Speed                                                               :      0 to 50 mtrs./min
   Electric Power                                            :      2HP (Two Motor)
   Supply                                                             :      220W, 1 Phase, 50Hz